The cryptocurrency trend is conquering the world with Bitcoin recently hitting the enormous value of $56,000, and the market cap exceeding $1 trillion.

Many people joined the party lately and that resulted in an influx of users joining exchanges such as, Coinbase, Kraken etcetera.

Depositing to an Exchange (and the Risks)

You’ve got $100 worth of Bitcoin (0,0018 BTC as of today) sitting in a wallet. You’re thinking, “Maybe I should try my luck at trading”. Can’t blame you!

You head over to the Deposit feature on Binance (or any exchange for that matter), choose “BTC” and are ready to make the transaction.

You are now…

JSON Web Tokens are changing the world for the better. Acting as the shield of stateless and distributed architectures, JWTs are pretty amazing. But with great responsibility comes great confusion, and I’m here to help shed some light on this wonderful technology.

This article will be divided into two parts: Part 1 covering the JWT standard, and Part 2 being the juicy part, covering common use cases, techniques, misconceptions and frequently asked questions.

JSON Web Tokens are truly changing the world.


Hello! My name is Ariel Weinberger. Over the past years I have worked in various industries (FinTech, Sports, Entertainment) for companies such as Payconiq and DAZN. …

Ariel Weinberger

Passionate about education in Software Engineering. Bestselling Udemy instructor. Self-taught Software Engineer and Engineering Manager.

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